An experienced wine importer in the U.S., Deborah shares her own story of her many years in an intriguing industry in this groundbreaking new book on wine importing and distribution. Most importantly, she gives any aspiring importer the necessary tools to enter this field and negotiate its complicated maze. Clear steps, detailed formats and specific resources are linked to real world examples of approaching different aspects of wine importing and distribution in the U.S.  It is an in-depth business guide, with a very human touch.
It is also an indispensable guide for anyone who wants to understand how this fascinating aspect of the wine industry operates – from foreign wineries who sell to the importer to the retailer who buys from him or her.
Although the genesis of this book was to provide wine importing advice and instruction, it would not be complete without understanding how the importer takes product from purchase to sale, and therefore the author has spent considerable time explaining distribution. Not only the logistics of getting product to market, but invaluable tips on how to engage the customer, establish relationships and create a network that will continue to pull wine through its pipeline.

"I think it is the best and most comprehensive piece on the subject I’ve seen in print. I am certain this book will make a valuable contribution to the wine industry.” Janeen Olsen, PhD, Professor of Wine Marketing at Sonoma State University and author of Wine Marketing and Sales. 

"I didn't think a book about the wine business could be as interesting to read as this book was, but I found it very hard to put down. You feel like you are having a personal conversation with a friend that is very knowledgeable about the business." Boris Gutierez, 
"This book is essential reading." Thomas Matthews, Wine Spectator magazine.

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Attempting to export wine to the U.S. has long been fraught with difficulty, especially for the smaller producers. The U.S. wine industry, complicated by confusing regulations and intense internal brand competition, is also the land of opportunity and home to an adventurous and egalitarian wine consuming population. But without an understanding of how to effectively enter this complex market, the exporter often founders and retreats in frustration. This book provides a guide to approaching and attracting an importer, differentiating terms and regulations which must be understood to prosper, and avenues to achieving and sustaining attainable sales and distribution goals

Expected launch, November, 2015