About Deborah

Deborah, an Australian native, has been importing wine into the U.S. since 1992, beginning with her family's own vineyard, The Cowra Estate. Since that time, she has represented many iconic brands from small vineyards in Australia and New Zealand.

The journey of the last twenty five years has been a constant adventure, but it began with no instruction or assistance, resulting in a steep learning curve and, what seemed to her, far too much trial and error.  Deborah finally decided to bring her many years of experience to a book on wine importing and distribution to allow others to benefit from this journey and not have to reinvent the wheel.


In 2012, Deborah discontinued her own direct importing, and now assists others with their portfolios, devoting an increasingly greater proportion of time to consulting, seminars and education. Working with distributors and other importers allows her to remain current on the industry and its evolving nature. An extensively revised 2nd edition of How To Import Wine - An Insider's Guide is due for release in 2017, drawing on this additional knowledge and experience as well as noting changes to regulations and industry standards. A second wine business book - The Exporter's Handbook to the U.S. Wine Market was released in 2015. 

Deborah lives in Southern California with her husband and two precious rescued dogs. 


You'll find more information on Deborah's importing and consulting business here.